On The Bluff Labradors

Breeding  Pure English Labradors 

Located in Germantown, New York


Updated October 5th  2018

Our Story

My husband and I live on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River in Upstate, New York. All of
our dogs at On The Bluff Labradors, share our home with us. Our puppies, too, are all born
in the house. We are fortunate to have 23 acres for our dogs to run, play and just roll around
on. Working from home affords us the pleasure of spending the majority of the day in the
company of our cherished Labradors.

We purchased our first Labrador in 1971. Grizzly , a black Lab from field champions won our
hearts immediately. For 46 years we have never been without the companionship and love
of this terrific breed. There is always a smile in our house. Maybe the happiness of our 44
year marriage has something to do with the lab temperament; their calmness, patience,
understanding, loyalty, warmth and intelligence. There really is a lot one can learn from
living with these amazing dogs. When our son was born, we discovered yet another
wonderful Lab trait. They are great with kids. No matter what our son did (including once
sticking a pencil into our dog’s ear,) they never growled at him or even so much as lifted a
lip. They never moved from his side. They felt their job was to protect and love him and
they took their job very seriously.

We are proud to announce On The Bluff’s Atticus Finch, “Atticus”.

He is from a long lines of champions (his pedigree is posted under his page). We feel very fortunate to be a part
of these champion lines; the sires and dams that are greatly influencing the future of the
Labrador Retriever breed.

Our goal at On The Bluff Labradors is to breed a Labrador Retriever that is beautiful to look
at, easy to live with and possesses those traits that make them the natural companions for
the family, for the show ring and/or for the hunting ground.