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We are On The Bluff Labradors

As concerns the Covid 19 virus.  We are members of the Department of Agriculture and we are in compliance with Governor Cuomo’s NY State PAUSE emergency provision which was implemented  March 18, 2020.  Executive Order 202.1 which lists us as an essential business/animal shelter.  This allows OTBL to continue to do our business as usual- to place puppies and train.
Here are the following provisions we have implemented for your safety as well as ours.
Only 2 people may come for the puppy and please no children.
When you come for your puppy, we ask that you stop at our mailbox which is near our driveway with the number 165 on it and take out the hand sanitizer and shoe sanitizer. Please use on your hands and spray on the bottom of your shoes.  Then please place it back in our mailbox and come on up.. We will be waiting with your new puppy!

Welcome to On The Bluff Labradors of Germantown, NY. For nearly 50 years we have produced English Labradors in the true style of the all-around dog they were meant to be. Our ultimate goal has been a beautiful dog conforming to breed standards with soundness of temperament and body. Our Labradors retain the hunting ability that has made them the supreme hunting retriever. This intelligent, well-tempered dog is a perfect family companion and service dog. We are pleased to not only have many of our On The Bluff Labradors in pet, show and hunting homes, but also used as guide dogs for the disabled and specialist for airscent detection. 

Our breeding program strives for perfection in every litter. We use the highest quality stud dogs with a background of multiple Grand Champions. We combine their linage with the outstanding genetics of our females. The result are not just cute, adorable puppies, but dogs that can be well trained, healthy companions for a lifetime.

We have never lost sight of our initial goal to produce the perfect Labrador- in mind and body. Please see our “Philosophy”, “Training Program” and “Our Diet” pages to get a fuller understanding of how we raise and train our Labs. Feel free to email us for additional information or to get on a waiting list for one of our puppies. 




This page is where you will explore our current litters.  Here you will find many adorable pictures of our current puppies.

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Board & Train

So what exactly is boarding & training? It’s a service we offer and the simplest way I can put it is that I raise your puppy exactly as if I were raising them as my own.

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Puppy Pickup

Puppy pick up are only for families who have already gone through the application process, and have received an email from us stating that it is time to pick up their new family member!

Puppy Pick Up

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