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September 21, 2020

Advanced Trained Dogs

Here at On the Bluff Labradors our trainer in residence, Kyle, takes on one of our dogs he feels has the attributes to be an advanced trained dog. These dogs live with Kyle training all day long. Once they have mastered the basic commands Kyle takes it up a notch and works on advanced concepts and training. Once they have reached an advanced level they will receive their canine good citizen certification along with other certificates that match that particular dogs strengths. Please feel free to inquire at

Currently we have Charlotte working hard with Kyle. Charlotte was born June 6, 2017 to our Prized Stud, Atticus and one of our favorite mothers, Zelda.  She is up to date on her Parvo and distemper vaccines. She’s a sweet mellow soul that loves a good pet as much as wondering about in the grass.
Charlotte has lived with Kyle, our trainer as well as with our dog pack to give her the heaviest dose of socialization we can offer.  She has also spent time staying in various members of the On The Bluff team’s homes to prepare her for the transition of going to her forever home.  Living with a trainer Charlotte takes her training time seriously and has the accolades and titles to show it.  When she has finished Kyle’s training program she will have earned her: AKC Trick Dog Novice (TKN), AKC Trick Dog Intermediate (TKI), and AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC), the height of socialization and basic obedience for any dog.
She is housebroken, incredibly well crate trained, can loose leash walk, and knows the entirety of basic obedience, not to mention her numerous tricks.  All of which Kyle will go over with you once Charlotte has completed her training.  There will be two in person training sessions with Kyle and Charlotte.  To make sure she gets comfortable with you and you with her. But also because Charlotte knows so much more than the average dog we want to make sure everything she knows goes home with her.

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