Compare Curriculum

Beginner Training

A puppy’s emotional experiences in their early weeks of life will have a profound impact on their behavioral health for years to come.

Intermediate Training

All of the puppies are trained using simple, universal words and hand signals that are easy for you to learn and use at home.

Advanced Training

Our board and train program is designed to give puppies the absolute best chance at long term behavioral health.

Board & Train Program Curriculum Comparison

Program FeaturesBeginnerIntermediateAdvanced
Duration Of Program2 Weeks4 Weeks6 Weeks
Daily Specialized Socialization Experiences354963
Sit And Down With Verbal and Physical CueXXX
Responds To Touch (Hand Targeting) CueXXX
Plays Appropriately With Other Dogs Of Similar AgeXXX
Has a Preference For Using The Bathroom OutsideXXX
Hours Puppy Can Hold Bladder (Est.)22-33
Hours Puppy Can Spend In Crate For Naps124
Hold A Sit And Down With StayXX
Has Experience Walking On LeashXX
Can Navigate Small Sets of StairsXX
Plays With A Flirt PoleXX
Responds To A Recall CueX
Has Completed Offsite Socialization TripsX
Has Experience Riding In CarsX