Board & Train

    So what exactly is boarding & training? It’s a service we offer and the simplest way I can put it is that I raise your puppy exactly as if I were raising them as my own. They live in the cottage with me and my girl, Evvy (On The Bluff’s Eveline Hill), and observe all the rules I set for my own puppies, knowing one day they’ll be shaped into well mannered dogs. My biggest emphasise in your puppies stay is manners.

For all my board and trains, my focus is on manners above everything else.  It’s always impressive when you have trained a dog to heel off leash, or bow, and it’s great to show off to your friends and clients (and I do).  But it’s far more impressive to me to have a dog that is well mannered. By that I mean a dog that will sit before going in and out of doors. A dog that will hold a sit and wait to be invited to eat for their meals.  A dog that receives no reinforcement for jumping up and learns to sit when greeting new people. All this I feel comfortable accomplishing in two weeks. Of course, this reinforcement will need to be continued by you when your puppy goes home to keep their manners intact, and on your puppy pick up day I will show you everything we’ve been working on and you will have up to an hour with me to ask questions and chat.  In addition to giving your pup foundational manners they will also know sit, down, paw, and be crate trained through the overnight. There are levels to crate training. In two weeks (my recommended length of stay) I am comfortable delivering a puppy that is able to soothe themselves with a human present in the room and sleep through the overnight, only waking you if they need to go to the bathroom. Your pup will also be taken on daily walks by me to continue habituating them to the harness/collar and leash.  We also offer a heavy dose of dog-to-dog socialization. Between our young pups, breeding girls and boys, and retired girls we live with a large dog pack that helps to teach excellent dog-to-dog social skills to any young puppy.

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