Boot Camps

Boot camps are for older pups, adolescents, and our adult dogs that could use some touching up on obedience and manners. They’re also helpful for dogs that have a strong foundation but their owners would like them to learn some more advanced commands (off leash heel, full stop, bringing their bowl to you, etc). Boot camps are often an opportunity to do problem oriented training. Meaning there is a specific behavior you would like the focus of their training to be on- jumping up, greeting people, and loose leash walking are often popular ones. Just like with board & trains any dog that does a boot camp lives in the On The Bluff Training Center.

All boot camps start as a conversation with you about what you’d like to accomplish, and we discuss a timetable, your dog’s age, and where their basics and foundation are. From there our trainers will let you know what they can accomplish in your ideal length of stay.