June 14, 2019

Training Academy

Developing a healthy relationship with your pup is the most significant factor in your dog’s life. It is important that you establish early mutual trust and respect. At OTBL we have a unique perspective in regard to your pup. We have witnessed their birth, observed their early suckling habits, their first confident steps, their eyes…   Continue

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May 4, 2019

Doggie diet

Our feeding regime is based mainly on the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet. The idea being that raw food has the most amount of nutrients available to your pet. Dog food, even the good kind, has been enormously processed with a lot of the nutrients baked out of it. Then, to replace the loss,…   Continue

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January 27, 2015


    Anna is simply a joy.  She combines the sagacity and good nature of her Dad (Durango).  With the intelligence and drive of her Mom (Becky).  She is handsome and striking with an alert expression on a well muscled body.  From early on she was a standout.  The pick of her litter with classical…   Continue

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January 24, 2015


  Hedda is a gentle, athletic easy going girl. She has a strong back with a beautiful fairly wide creame colored chest. Her ears are set back perfectly. But what is most striking are her friendly alert expressive eyes. Hedda has that wonderful combination of beauty and soul. Pedigree for Hedda Labrador Retriever Yellow Sire…   Continue

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January 24, 2015

Madame B

Madame Bovary (Madame B.) the daughter of Sawyer and Stella combines all the best aspects of the breed a beautiful head, perfect ear set, dark pigment, alert eyes, and gentle expression. Her structure, top line, rear angulation, tail set are as good as it gets. Combine all this with a trainable affectionate temperament and Madame…   Continue

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January 20, 2015


Luna’s Grand Dam is the top producer of Labrador champions in US History. Ch. Pine Edge Ridge View Snobear. Luna is very bright, loves children and is a super family companion. Thank you Vicky Creamer from Belquest Kennels for sharing this very special girl with us.       Pedigree for Belquest Light Side Of…   Continue

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January 19, 2015

Arela Bena

Arela Bena is truly our star performer following in the paw prints of her great grand mother Ch. Pine Edge Ridge View Snowbear (producer of 21 champions). Arela Bena is a real beauty, light cream in color, beautiful expression, excellent top line, angulation and a perfect scissor bite. Arela is a gifted athlete and is…   Continue

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January 18, 2015


Metula is a beauty. She has a blocky head with a sweet expression, and is quite substantial with a good deal of bone, and a wide chest. Her sire is Durango Blue. She has inherited his wonderful, sweet temperament. Her Dam is Luna whose great grand dam is “Snowbear”, the most famous female Lab of…   Continue

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January 17, 2015


Poppy is our second generation girl, the pride of our kennel. A beautiful combination of her Mother China and Father Durango. She has wonderful conformation but what really stands her apart is her calm and bright disposition. She is a joy to live with! Thank you Lucille and Liam.   Pedigree for Poppy Labrador Retriever…   Continue

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January 16, 2015


Becky is just a spectacular girl. We knew she was smart when she started opening the refrigerator and feasting herself on the contents. When she realized that opening the refrigerator door was a “no-no”, she started opening, then closing it before we had a chance to notice. We have talked about her intelligence with her…   Continue

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