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Kyle’s Puppy Finishing School

Hi folks, I’m Kyle Chaharyn, the trainer in residence at On The Bluff Labradors. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to live on the property and raise your puppies since they took their first breath. But I suppose I should start with a little about myself. While my love affair with dogs has been evergreen, my experience has been unique. Almost every dog trainer profile you read contains “I’ve been raising dogs my whole life” or something similar. I cannot claim this, dogs weren’t allowed in my childhood home growing up (don’t worry they are now). So I had to go out of my way to satisfy my need to work with and be around our four legged friends. I took every opportunity I could. Which was the best thing to ever happen- it led to volunteering, dog walking, pet sitting, and eventually search and rescue training. Little did I know that all this was not only making me well rounded in the field but would lead me to On The Bluff.

For training I always take a calmness and patience first approach. I use talking to our dogs, petting our dogs, and making eye contact with our dogs as affirmations of their behavior. Everytime I give any of these three things I am sending the message to our dogs “This is good behavior. I desire this behavior. Please repeat it in the future”. When I withhold these things, or shun them, I am sending the exact opposite message. These are my most powerful training tools, along with some treats of course. I fully believe and embrace half of dog training is teaching our dogs how we’d like them to behave and the other half is training ourselves how to act in order to get the behavior we desire from our dogs. I have found that understanding how our dogs perceive our actions and working with them is far more effective than trying to elevate a dog to “our level”. Furthermore, the bond and connection we form with our pups this way is much deeper and far more vast. Which at the end of the day, is the exact reason we all have dogs in our lives.

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