June 14, 2019

Training Academy

Developing a healthy relationship with your pup is the most significant factor in your dog’s life. It is important that you establish early mutual trust and respect.

At OTBL we have a unique perspective in regard to your pup. We have witnessed their birth, observed their early suckling habits, their first confident steps, their eyes opening, their early play with littermates, their initial anxieties, determination and innate gentleness.

These first weeks of a pup’s life come to a culmination in weeks 8-9 when their brain and central nervous systems engage seriously with their surroundings. It is than that our early finishing school training begins.

We replicate (as much as possible) what domestic human life will be for your pup. They spend 24/7 living in our trainers living quarters. They are exposed to household sounds, allowed to wander and investigate their environment, to play or rest freely- while being observed for behavioral corrections. They sleep in a crate. They are walked on a leash. They come when called. They lie down when asked. They are hushed when they bark. They are taught not to eat or destroy things. They are made to feel confident and trusting- giving them a perfect start to becoming the companion you’ve hoped for.

Our methodology requires no e-collars, no clickers, or other quick fix artificial training devices. Your pup learns through a combination of praise, and fairness- using nothing but informed body language and soft spoken tones.

At your pickup appointment you will meet with our trainers, where they will show you in person, all training signals and everything they have learned. You will know exactly what your pup needs for continued success. You’ll feel confident that you have the tools to comfortably handle and live happily with your dog. 

And- we are always available to help dogs that have completed our training.

Our TRAINING ACADEMY is limited to only a few placements. The ACADEMY is open to any age dog. Please submit you applications early so you can be scheduled or put on our waiting list.

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