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These puppies were hand picked by our Head Trainer to stay a few extra weeks to continue their training with him in his Puppy Academy.  These puppies are currently ready for their forever homes. We have both a male and female from the Scout and Twain litter.



10 weeks old



10 weeks old

Daphne  and  Twain

DAPHNE DuMaurier and Mark TWAIN


Both Daphne and Twain love to retrieve; balls, sticks, you name it; whatever you would like them to get. Daphne is a sweetheart who likes to think things through.  Twain is a good old boy who is happy all the time. Together, they will produce pups that are smart and well tempered. Their pups will be wonderful in the home, the office, on the trail or as an all around adventure buddy. Children will be the highlight of their day.  You can expect their girls to weigh anywhere from 65-80 pounds.  The boys will be approximately 85-95. Their coloring will range between white and white cream with darker ears.  This is always a bit of a guess because all pups pull their genetics from many generations. They will be ready to go late November.



       Lequin and Twain

Ursula LE GUIN and Mark TWAIN


Le Guin and Twain are wonderful, well balanced dogs.  They are sweet and smart and both love to retrieve and play.  Their pups will be very trainable and will be perfect for families with or without children. They will also make good hunters and service dogs. Range from white to medium cream to tan. They will be ready for their new homes in late November.  Always a bit of a guess as we do not know their exact whelping date yet.


Sweet Caroline and Tristan

It’s all in the name, Sweet Caroline and Tristan produce some of the sweetest and most trainable puppies. Together they produce well balanced dogs that will thrive in any life situation, from quiet home life to going to work everyday ; these dogs can do it all.  You can expect their girls to weigh anywhere from 65-80 pounds.  The boys will be approximately 85-95. This is an all black and chocolate litter, ready for their forever home first weekend of December.





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