Atticus & Awillix’s Trained Puppies

We have selected four yellow males and one black female from 
Atticus & Awillix’s 2023 litter for our training program!


Atticus is an impeccable example of the white English Labrador. Atticus’s extensive pedigree goes back six generations and includes several famous champion labradors. His father, Heartland’s Polar Bear Chase, is widely considered to have fathered one of the best English Labradors lines in existence, and it’s clear why: puppies from this line are stunning!

Atticus is no exception: he was born true white in color, with dark eye rims, muzzle and nose, and a gorgeous classic head that flows gracefully down his neck and shoulders. For us it was love at first sight! 

However, anyone who meets Atticus knows that his true magic comes from his temperament. Like his father before him, Atticus is a loving, charismatic “mayor about town” labrador. He welcomes virtually every guest to the Bluff and gently asks to be petted. When he’s finally tired of soaking in visitors’ affection, he lays quietly at their feet and sleeps. He is truly one of the most fantastic labradors we have ever known. 

We select females to breed with Atticus who will enhance his loving, affectionate temperament and beautiful white coloration. 


Awillix, or as she’s known around the house, “Willie,” is a well-mannered and fun-loving Labrador. She has a beautiful balance of mellow and adventurous energy, making her the perfect all-around lab. Her puppies inherit her sweet and loving personality, making them excellent companion dogs. 

We selected Willie for her looks as much as her personality. She has the broad head and ear-set, beautiful top line, and muscular body that we have come to love in our labs. Willie’s puppies tend to be well-built and broad, just like their mom. We choose breeding partners for Awillix that will enhance her best features: her loving personality and her beautiful, broad frame.