Chekhov & Nora’s Trained Puppies

We have selected two chocolate females from Chekhov & Nora’s 2023 litter for our training program!


We aspire to breed Chocolates who have diverse genetic backgrounds, which we believe is the key to developing an excellent temperament in a Chocolate Labrador. Chekhov is an excellent demonstration of how diversity can lead to a fantastic Labrador. In Chekhov’s lineage you can find American, Russian, Canadian, and British Champions, resulting in a Chocolate who has a well-balanced temperament. Chekhov is one of the more muscular and agile dogs in his kennel, and he channels his energy beautifully into games and training. His puppies are athletic, intelligent, and attentive to their human companions.



Our Pack leader, Nora, is true to breed type. She is perfectly balanced and is full of quality, with a well-balanced head, athletic build, and a beautiful otter tail.  Nora has a kind and confident temperament which makes her one of our top pack leaders.  Her slightly silly yet affectionate personality makes her just a dream to be around. Nora passes all her lovely traits down to her puppies creating well-balanced English Labrador Retrievers.