Twain & Foxxy’s Trained Puppies

We have selected one strawberry blonde male and one strawberry blonde female from 
Twain & Foxxy’s 2023 litter for our training program!


Twain is one of our most in-demand sires, with an exceptional breeding history:

The earliest breeding programs of the English Labrador Retriever began in the late 18th century with the kennels of the Earls of Marlmesbury in Great Britain and the Dukes of  Buccleuch in Scotland.  Many kennels in the 20th century continued to carry on the highly prized characteristics of the breed. In England, the Sandylands kennel (still in existence) produced a very special combination of sporting dog with a calm, soulful temperament. This tradition has been continued in the United States by one of America’s most stellar breeders, Lubberline Labradors. 

Twain’s Grandfather is Lubberline’s Martingale, known as Marty. Marty is a once in a lifetime Lab – a multiple best of breed at Westminster – who passed on his calm, intelligent temperament and massive bone structure to his progeny, including Twain.   

Twain has a beautiful strong head with perfect pigment, exceptional bone health, and a stellar coat. His reach and movement are extraordinarily graceful for such a big boy. His kind, mellow temperament and keen intelligence are traits that make him the perfect all around Lab. 

We choose dames to mate with Twain who will compliment his heavy bone structure and mellow temperament.


Foxxy is a very special addition to our kennel. Her parents are our very own Pippi and Thorin, making her one of the first breeding Fox Reds born out of our kennels. We prize Pippi and Thorin for their absolutely stellar temperaments and unmistakable facial structures – and Foxxy has inherited both wonderful qualities. She is a soft, gentle lady with athletic ability but no over-abundance of energy. Her square head gives her a regal appearance that she passes on to her puppies. We have decided to keep Piper, one of her first daughters with Twain, to add to our breeding program because she is stellar in every way: sweet, beautiful, and heavily boned. That is what we have come to expect from Foxxy puppies!