Grizzly & Franny’s Trained Puppies

We have selected one chocolate male and one chocolate female from 
Grizzly & Franny’s 2023 litter for our training program!


Grizzly is an absolutely fantastic Chocolate Labrador sire who recently welcomed his first litter of puppies! We are so excited for Grizzly’s career as a sire given his several exceptional qualities:

First, Grizzly has a fantastic lineage. He has a Champion and a Grand Champion among his grandparents, and Champions are littered throughout his extensive pedigree on both sides. His lineage has been a collaboration of several different high-quality preservation breeders in the United States, resulting in the best qualities from several beloved Chocolate Labrador lines.

As expected, Grizzly has grown to look like his father, Loretta’s Greenstone Chocoholic, who has a large, square head and youthful expression. Grizzly’s puppies inherit this beautiful soft facial expression and are absolutely breathtaking. 

Finally, Grizzly’s shining feature is his temperament. Grizzly is the favorite of many visitors because of his gentle giant demeanor. Grizzly spends his days seeking out affection and relaxing in the sun. He has a quiet softness to his personality which stands in pleasing contrast to his strong, blocky structure.


Franny is one of our prized Chocolate female dames. She is the perfect example of our temperament goals: she is loving, tolerant of other dogs, and extremely easy-going. Franny’s favorite activity is to soak in affection from humans, but she is also happy to be independent and sniff around the trees on her own. Her relaxed demeanor makes her such a valuable contribution to our kennel. 

Franny’s temperament is matched by her beauty. She has a wide, regal forehead with a heavy brow, which she passes on to her puppies. She has a deep brown coat with the deep-set eyes that are signature to Chocolate labradors. 

Franny’s best qualities come from her extensive lineage, which includes both Champion and Grand Champion chocolate labradors. She passes these fantastic genetics to her puppies!